A Cheesy trick of the Eyes

Cheese, glorious cheese.  Thank goodness someone figured out how to transform milk into this versatile food group enjoyed by many around the world.  Awesome to add to pasta, snack on with a piece of apple or spread it onto a grain cracker.  But it isn’t all roses and butterflies.  Commercially made cheese often contains artificial colour, lots of sodium and rennet (an enzyme found in the stomachs of animals used during the process). Then there is the lactose found in cheese that is not easily digestible for those who have a compromised digestion system or are lacking the digestive enzyme lactase.  Cheese is also full of calories and saturated fat, which may not be the greatest for those trying to loose weight or watch their saturated fat intake.  So how can we enjoy the taste of cheese without overdoing it?

  • First of all choose locally made cheese from a reputable shop.
  • Soft cheeses can usually be digested easier than harder ones.
  • Maintain a diet full of a variety of veggies and use a shave of cheese to add a little extra boost.

For those wanting to limit the amount of cheese they eat but have a hard time with will power, here’s my go to…

Simply use a small grater for your cheese instead of a large one.

The amount each makes looks the same…

But they’re not!