Acupuncture can treat:

pain (acute or chronic)
digestive issues
respiratory issues
PMS, menopausal symptoms

Acupuncture therapy, a traditional Chinese Medicine technique used for over 4000 years, helps to unblock Qi (Chi) and balance the yin and yang energies within the body.  Now regulated within Ontario, acupuncture therapy requires a high standard of theoretical and practical training, using sterilized needles and clean needle techniques to ensure ultimate safety for the general public (for more information about the College go to

My personal experience with acupuncture began about 10 years ago when suffering from a dance injury.  My recovery then was quite fast after just a few treatments.  Years later I was undergoing some irregularities in my cycle and again sought out traditional acupuncture therapy.  After a handful of treatments it returned back to its regular timing and that’s when I knew I had to study this powerful work.

I am now excited to add this modality to my tool box to help clients when they feel tired, stiff, sick, in pain or have trouble sleeping.  Each treatment is non invasive and aims to help the body find balance.   This natural alternative treatment can compliment Western therapies.  Other techniques used during a treatment may include Tuina (a massage technique using the fingers, elbows and hands) as well as cupping therapy, Gua sha and moxibustion to improve blood circulation and regulate the flow of Qi.