“80% of my clients started Pilates because of injuries and 90% of them have continued after healing to maintain their health & vitality”.

Your Pilates reformer training will be customized to meet your health needs.
Whether you are an avid athlete or recovering from surgery, Pilates can help your body and mind find balance.

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Pilates improves:


At Pilates with Cindy you will enjoy fun, instructive and challenging workouts based upon the original work of Joseph Pilates.  Private or semi private Pilates equipment workouts target the whole body.  Personalized reformer training targets the whole body to strengthen and balance our muscle systems.

The Pilates method strengthens our muscle system to help bring about balance and symmetry to every action we do.  Pilates took form over 60 years ago, influenced by athletes, dancers, acrobats, divers and everyday movement.  Joseph Pilates main goal was to develop the body with a strong mind so that we could perform daily tasks with freedom and ease.

I have over 12 years experience working with individuals who have special physical challenges such as hip/knee replacements, disc herniations, osteoporosis, scoliosis and amputation. I have also worked with pregnant and post-pregnant clients as well as those undergoing chemotherapy treatments.  My experience as a professional dancer as well as my extended studies with master teachers such as Irene Dowd, Ron Fletcher, Eileen Birks and Dianne Miller has given me a wider range of movement ideas that compliment this amazing work.  I am proud to call myself a 3rd generation Pilates teacher!

I am always surprised at how amazing the human body and spirit truly is and always reminded by my mentor (Dianne Miller) to never limit or assume that people aren’t capable of more.