Traditional & Holistic Nutrition Consulting

A REAL FOODS approach to better health!

Do you have challenges with your food choices?
Find it hard to know what to eat, how much to eat or even how to prep and cook certain foods?
What foods are best for your constitution?


A whole foods diet should be enjoyed, not complicated.  Eating seasonally, locally, sustainably and colourfully can provide us with lots of nutrients; but food can be tricky and hard to navigate when we are sick or out of balance.  We can help with that.

We will work together with your budget, time constraints, cooking ability or current health challenges.  Let’s look at your every day eating choices, eating habits, cravings, sensitivities and health goals so that we can create a healthy relationship with food that allows you to enjoy its wonderful flavours and abundance without restrictions or counting calories.


Guided Nutrition Programs

There are 6 personalized nutrition programs that are easy to follow and customized to meet all of your health needs.  Each guided program focuses on eating a WHOLE FOODS diet, regardless of your dietary challenges, so don’t think of what you can’t eat but all the great foods you love to eat with healthier and yummy alternatives.  Lets work together to create meals that make sense for your busy lifestyle; easy to follow and full of awesome nutrition.

These programs target:

SEASONAL CLEANSE (spring and fall season only)

Programs focus on eating well balanced meals that don’t come from a box or package. Personalized recommendations throughout the program are influenced by dietary therapy used in traditional Chinese Medicine along with updated research from modern day science.  There are general guidelines provided for your meal plan and recipes that can be adjusted to include your food preferences (vegetarian, dairy/gluten free).

Lets get started!