COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE – facial rejuvenation


Address your general health concerns while improving your skin tone, reducing wrinkles and tightening your neck line using acupuncture.

This ancient system is a great holistic alternative to modern procedures such as surgery or Botox. Using tiny, sterilized needles beneath the skins surface helps to stimulate and increase blood flow while producing collagen and elastin. Treatments can address puffy eyes, dark circles and scars as well as improving overall vitality.

Often improvements can be seen after 4 treatments, however 6-10 treatments over 7-8 weeks are recommended for the best results.  Each treatment lasts 75 minutes and will include a general health intake, facial massage, acupuncture needles targeting problems areas, facial exercises to practice at home and recommendations for good overall health.


Cost of Treatments

Each 75 minute treatment = $120 (receipt available for insurance coverage)

Natural beauty always originates from the inside out, so clients will be encouraged to follow a positive lifestyle, exercise their body (and their face) and enjoy a colourful whole foods diet.