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To book an appointment please contact me at 647-888-3398.  All prices include taxes.

Introduction to Pilates - 4 Privates


4 - one hour privates

Come and experience your Pilates workout today!

These 4 privates will get you ready to enter your semi private classes in the future.  A personalized program is created during these sessions to help you feel strong and full of vitality.

Acupuncture Session

$90 for 1 hour

Per Session

Acupuncture treatments may include bodywork, such as Tuina massage, cupping, moxa therapy or guasha.  Most insurance companies now include coverage for acupuncture therapy.  Please check with them in case you need a doctors note to accompany your receipt.

Nutrition Session


1.5 hours nutrition consultation

This nutrition consultation fee is for a single session.

Packages are available.

All three


1hr session in Pilates, Nutrition and Acupuncture

Not sure which one to do?  If you are interested in trying all three modalities, this is the package for you.

Cosmetic Acupuncture


per session

Each facial treatment lasts 75 minutes.
Insurance receipt available for this treatment.

Pilates Package

$425 for 5 or $800 for 10!

Pilates private - 1 hour sessions

This is a great opportunity to keep working on your current workout or create a customized home program.  You will save $25 for a package of 5 and $100 for a package of 10 private sessions.  Commit to your health today!

Nutrition packages


5 week program

This 5 week personalized program is customized to meet your health and lifestyle needs.  Meal plans, virtual weekly check-ins, recipes and weekly guidelines are included.

Trying it all over 5 weeks!


10 sessions

This one is for the individual wanting to try all services over 5 weeks.  It will include a private Pilates workouts (once per week), a personalized 5 week Nutrition program and two – 1 hr acupuncture treatments.

This is a $200 savings when you combine all three services.