Spring Clean Nutrition Program to nourish your body and gently cleanse it of built up toxins and waste.

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The Spring and Fall seasons are known as the best time of year to focus on cleansing the body, according to traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom.  Toxins are often contributors to us experiencing depression, fatigue, weight gain, digestive issues, insomnia and joint pain.  Spring is a time to flourish, grow, rejuvenate or start on a brand new project – the best of you!

The cost of the program is $350. 

Each personalized program focuses on eating a clean WHOLE FOODS diet with an emphasis on specific foods that have been shown to support the whole body.   In addition to good food choices, we will try to create positive lifestyle choices and include an exercise program that is easy to follow and compliments your fitness level, health challenges and availability.  Lets talk about your health goals!



  • Call me or email – lets chat about your health needs.
  • Sign up with payment.
  • Complete an in depth nutrition intake form and toxic questionnaire.
  • Receive a personalized plan and get started.
    Program date starts on Thursday March 21st – the spring solstice.
Kick start your metabolism, clear toxins and prepare for the warmth of the summer season to come.

Each SPRING CLEAN NUTRITION program includes a:

  • One on one meeting to discuss your nutrition goals and health challenges (via Skype, Facetime or phone).
  • Spring Clean Nutrition PDF booklet with personalized recommendations containing simple, wholesome recipes.
  • Nutrition guidelines, suggested meal ideas, shopping lists and pantry ideas.
  • Simple exercise ideas or guidelines to help you get more active this spring.
  • Weekly email check-ins and supportive, inspiring emails to help you achieve success.

Green vegetables help your liver naturally cleanse, while walking, running, biking or swimming help move your liver qi!.  (In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that supporting the liver during this season will help it to filter and detoxify toxins more efficiently and effectively.  This will help you to feel better, look better and have more energy in your day).

If you are ready to improve your overall health, help your body find balance and prepare for a great summer season to come start your personalized Spring Clean Nutrition Program on the spring solstice March 21st.