Simple Spine exercises

The computer revolution has provided us with amazing opportunities; allowing us to connect and share with people all over the world, however, it has also led to an increase in statically held positions.  In other words we spend a lot of time sitting in one place staring at a computer screen.  Our poor spinal muscles become exhausted just having to support us for sometimes hours on end.  This can weaken the function of those muscles causing them to grow tired, weaken and tighten up.  The amazing function of our spine is its ability to adapt to a variety of movement, much like a bridge swaying with ease in the wind, but if we don’t move our spine well everyday we can lose our strength, flexibility and that nice freedom of movement.

Here are four really simple exercises you can do while working at your desk.  These exercises may not be appropriate for every body so please ask a professional before performing them. Happy moving!

Rolling forward

Stretch it side

Twist it out

Lift and extend