Strengthen your Immunity

Here’s 5 simple ways to strengthen your immunity:

1) Consume Probiotic-rich Fermented Foods and Beverages
The best way to boost your immunity is to introduce fermented foods into your diet. The probiotics (healthy or beneficial bacteria) found in these foods are far more effective than any supplement.  Stock up on naturally-fermented or cultured fruits and vegetables (sauerkraut, chutneys, kimchi, kale, carrots), drinks (kombucha, lassi), dairy (kefir, yogurt, sour cream) and more (unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, miso). Just 2 oz. per day is all you need to boost immunity.

2) Healthy Whole Foods/Avoid Sugar
Super natural immunity begins with the bounty of nature (whole or unprocessed). First choice should always be what’s fresh, local and seasonal. Get cooking with quality Unrefined fats (i.e. virgin coconut oil, organic butter or cold-pressed olive oil) and try to limit refined white sugar, which has been shown to suppress our immune system.


3) Get Plenty of Sleep and Reduce Stress
A good night’s sleep allows our body to regenerate and rejuvenate.  Stress can tax our adrenals, which can lead to weight gain, anxiety, insomnia or fatigue.  When the nervous system is calm and relaxed it can creating valuable energy, manage stress and help to support the body when fighting an infection.

4) Support Your Body’s Natural Detoxification Systems
There are many benefits to cleansing toxins or pathogens naturally. Include filtered water with lemon, chlorophyll-rich foods (dark leafy greens, seaweeds & green herbs), berries (especially blueberries, elderberry), fresh ginger and turmeric. Deep breaths throughout your day can also help the lungs naturally detoxify and relax tense, stressed muscles.


5) Vitamin D
Vitamin D has been seen to influence immunity and may be best taken in a supplement form in conjunction with food sources such as organic butter, eggs & wild fish.