The Wonderful World of Sprouting!

Did you know that most grains, seeds and nuts could easily be sprouted? All that’s needed is time, water, a mason jar with a screen and air.

Many sprouts are cooling in nature and can be enjoyed during those hot summer days when we would like a little crunch to our meal, adding some freshness and texture to salad, soup or sandwiches (raw or cooked). Sprouts are known to be highly nutritious, offering predigested nutrients that are easy to metabolize, full of vitamin such as A, B, C and E as well as carotene (great for the eyes). Most sprouts, such as alfalfa, contain enzymes, which help to gently detox the body and aid in overall digestion.

Note: If you have the type of constitution that always feels hot or warm or you often feel stuck (energetically) or frustrated, sprouts are great for you. If you normally feel cool, even during the summer time, sprouts are not appropriate for your diet.

Some examples of things to sprout include aduki beans, lentils, peas, garbonzo beans, radish seeds, mung beans, and sunflower seeds. Here’s how to do it:

  • Soak seeds/beans overnight in water (to cover them) adding a capful of apple cider vinegar to keep the water clean.
  • Next morning place a screen or piece of cheesecloth on the jar and pour water out. Fill and rinse a few times with fresh water then completely drain.
  • Tip the jar (set it on a plate) to let water drain out and air to circulate.
  • Repeat rinse process 2-4x’s a days (sprouts will appear in 1-4 days – legumes and seeds sprout fairly quickly whereas beans may take a few days).
  • When ready to use rinse, remove mesh and seal jar with a top, refrigerate and enjoy over the week.