They say we eat with our eyes…


We’ve heard it all before: eating your meal out of a small dish instead of a large one can help to keep our waist trimmer and our body healthier.  Portion control can be a very important element to ensure we aren’t overeating, which can lead to unwanted weight gain or poor digestive issues.

Keeping portions to a manageable size can be challenging for many, but here are three tricks to help.  Above you will see my lunch from today placed in a large dinner plate and then a small snack plate.  The amount of food itself was plenty for a lunch serving, however when viewed within the larger plate it doesn’t look like I may be eating enough?  So I often dish my meals into a small dish and once it’s full I know that’s probably enough food.

The other trick I use to help slow down my eating habits is using a small fork (often used for salads) or a teaspoon (often used for dessert) instead of regular dinnerware.  Slowing down and reducing the amount of food I put into my mouth at one time makes things easier for my digestive system and ultimately better for the  absorption of all vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc..  My stomach doesn’t become overwhelmed with lots of food all at one time and can manage breaking down my meal efficiently, which will then travel through the long journey of my intestines with ease ready for valuable nutrient extraction.  Overeating delays transit time of our food and requires more work of our digestive organs.  Often I know if I’ve eaten too fast or too much at one meal because I will feel bloated, gassy, tired and way too full for too long.  Its kinda like opening many different files on your computer; after a while it may slow things down.  So slow things down by eating with smaller utensils!

My final trick coincides with the one above.  If I put my utensil down on my plate between each bite, that will help to ensure I am properly chewing my food and not overeating.  Often it takes a few seconds or a minute for our brain to get the message from our stomach that we are satiated and had enough to eat.  If you put your utensil down between each bite and focus on chewing it well, I guarantee you will enjoy that meal much more.  Your salivary glands pump more with each bite and your taste buds will be heightened and happy by the end of the meal.  So chew on and enjoy!