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A HEALTHY SPINE – move it everyday! – Pilates with Cindy
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A HEALTHY SPINE – move it everyday!

”You’re only as old as your spine.” Joseph Pilates

Our spine plays a vital role in our overall health and wellness. It’s not just a physical structure that helps us stand up, move through space and lift & carry things. It also provides shock absorption as we walk, run and jump, via special discs placed strategically between each vertebrae. Our spine houses our nervous system and nerves that feed information from our brain to our limbs and organs and vice versa.

Our spine doesn’t just stand and move on it’s own…it needs muscles, tendons, ligaments and the fasciae system.  When these are weak, tight or injured it can greatly affect the mobility of our spine.

Here are a couple of ways to get your spine moving!


Twist it around from right to left. Gently turning the spine from side to side helps to


Stretch it over to the side.


Roll it forwards

What does the spine look like inside our body?

I wanted to show 3 amazing illustrations of the spine, done by Frank H. Netterso that we can appreciate the intricacy of this structure.  It generally is a strong structure but relies on a balance in order to function well.  Each curve is carefully organized over another curve to help share the load and provide us with multiple ways to move.

spine 2

The bony spine.

spine 1

The spine with muscles.

spine 3

The spines connection to our nervous system and organs.

5 simple ways to a healthier spine.

  1. Exercise to strengthen the muscles that support and move your spine.
  2. Be aware of your posture (sitting, standing or walking).
  3. Seek medical or alternative care (acupuncture, massage) as needed.
  4. Support your bone health with a good whole foods diet.
  5. Be conscious of how you lift.

So when we don’t take care of spine, it won’t just have an affect on our structure, but so much more.

About the author

Cindy smiling

Cindy is a certified Pilates instructor and an avid athlete.  After a professional career in dance, she’s continued to challenge her body and mind through her Kung Fu training.  Her approach to achieving whole body health includes moving daily, eating well and living positively everyday.