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Chocolate Facial Polish…for your face??? – Pilates with Cindy
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Chocolate Facial Polish…for your face???

Women who tend to indulge in sweets (particularly chocolate) during the premenstrual stage of their cycle, when hormones tend to be out of balance, are accompanied by an increase in hormones that stimulate sebum production. Add high-glycemic foods to that mix, and you’re in prime breakout territory.

While it’s true some women may notice a breakout a few days after eating a chocolate bar, sugar is to blame in this case, not chocolate. A diet high in fat and refined sugars, like those found in candy and chocolate, can kick sebum production into high gear and trigger inflammatory responses in the body—both of which are known to increase the risk of breakouts.

People who are acne-prone should avoid eating chocolate as it can be a trigger for breakouts. Some of the ingredients in chocolate that might exacerbate acne are caffeine and theobromine, which are known to clog pores. But hold on my friend!…that’s the bad, refined sugar kind of sweet milk chocolate found on candy store shelves. What about the good stuff?

My chocolate facial polish experience with Louise...

Here’s some good stuff about eating the good stuff

Natural, dark chocolate Theobroma cacao is actually a food of the Gods. The cacao beans which contain about 50% fat in the form of cocoa butter, also contain 10% of the phenols and flavonoids “antioxidants” that buffer the cellular rusting “oxidation” which is a major cause of aging.   There are a number of ‘Beauty Nutrients’ in Cacao:

Magnesium – plays a role in reducing acne and breakouts, skin allergies and increasing collagen function.

Copper – stimulates collagen production

Zinc – deficiency of this mineral is linked to alopecia, dry/scaly skin, dermatitis, slow wound-healing and thin hair.

Manganese – a co-factor in collagen synthesis and an important anti-oxidant.

Here’s some good stuff about wearing the good stuff.

Cacao has a nourishing effect on the skin. Hydration is possible due to its skin softening properties (from Cocoa Butter) which makes chocolate a good moisturizer. One can exfoliate the dead skin cells and regenerate new ones thus, cacao rejuvenates the skin.

LC Natural Chocolate & Sugar Facial Scrub is made with Rapadura Sugar, Kaolin Clay, Organic Cacao Powder, Vegetable and essential oils.

How to Use: After Removing any make up give face a gentle wash. Apply a generous layer of Chocolate Facial Polish to the skin and rub in small circles keeping away from the delicate skin around the eye. This will increase blood circulation to the face. Let product sit for one minute after massaging in and rinse off. Use Toner, Serum and Moisturize after application for best results to hold moisture in.

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Louise is the passionate founder and CEO of LC Natural Health & Beauty. She proudly puts her name on her company because it represents her passion for all things natural, healthy and beautiful that result in true wellness inside and out. Louise is a Singer, Actor, Dancer, Natural Health Practitioner, Beauty Nutritionist, Skin Care Consultant, Natural Skin Care Formulator, Aromatherapist, Natural Perfumer, Wife and Mother. To find out more about her products go to

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